“ Do you have to work for a certain length of time with your company in order to be able to transfer location? ”

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As a new employee when are you able to choose a different location? or is it just if there are further positions advertised in those locations?
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I don't think there are any specific rules around length of time you need to have worked here before you can transfer. Although I would suggest really knowing where you want to work and why, as you may be asked questions about why you selected a certain office during your application process.

That being said, just because you've applied to one office doesn't mean you wouldn't be able to transfer. For example, my intake were completing the ACA as part of a three year training contract but a number of my peers transferred offices during this time.

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Visnu J.

Hi Robyn, are you able to change your location after receiving the offer to the location that was not originally available?

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