“ Can you recommend any sort of research to increase commercial awareness? ”

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Hi, I'm a Biochemistry student interested in consultancy and I was wondering whether you'd recommend any sort of research to increase commercial awareness? Would you recommend just reading FT or is there some reading that could give me some basal knowledge of the field?
Student Recruitment Advisor, Deloitte

Hi Allison,

We do not look for FT Readers as a matter of course... but a good awareness of business is recommended! Have you heard of Ian Stewart?

Steven B.

Hi Allison,
There are people on this chat better placed then I to answer this for you, but I'd certainly recommend reading the FT regularly for an overall picture. We also share lots of content on and around the business world, including from our Chief Economist's Monday Briefing which you can sign up to at deloitte.co.uk/studentmondaybriefing 

Corporate Tax Associate, Deloitte UK

Hi Allison, any research is good - you hear people saying they spent two weeks reading FT every day preparing for an interview but that wasn't the case for me (and I don't think it needs to be!). One thing which tends to look good is to take something from a particular area that you have an interest in and be able to talk about that/lean the conversation towards it when it comes to commercial awareness stuff. I.e. is there anything in the biochemical industry recently that has interested you? I wouldn't know the first thing about that area sadly...

That said, general commercial awareness is important - if you're aware of the key business/economic stories at the moment, especially anything affecting the area you're applying to, then that will help you at interview.

Allison S.

Thank you, that's all great help

Amy N.

Allison, as another biochemist I looked into current drug trails and how the results can affect the drug companies overall. There was a really good example with Receptor Tyrosine Kinase inhibitors (Gefitinib and Erlotinib)
being designed by AstraZenica and OSI Pharma a few years back causing a crash in share prices due to dodgy data. Something like that might be quite good....

Lorna K.

Thank you Steven for the link to the Student Monday Briefing

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