“ Is it possible to do a first round interview over the phone? ”

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Hi, thank you for this very insightful live chat!
I'm currently studying at Durham but I am originally from Northern Ireland and am considering applying for an internship for your Belfast office. If I was to get to the first round interview, would it be possible to do it over the phone?
Student Recruitment Advisor, Deloitte

Hi there - we do not have a blanket policy on this. In reality, students perform better in person than over the phone, so we like to recommend trying to meet us in person. Also, our internships are offered after a first interview..

It may be that we can also interview you in a more local office as well! So we would discuss the options with you.

Steven B.

Hi Ken - we also have an 'on air' event on the 18th February with members of the Scotland & northern Ireland team involved and they may also be able to help.

Ken T.

Thanks for the answers.
I am considering applying for an actuarial position and was wondering how deep would my technical knowledge of the area need to be?

Student Recruitment Advisor, Deloitte

Actuarial is one of our more popular areas so apart from applying early, I do think you need to demonstrate a good awareness of this area.

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