“ I was just wondering if there is an area of London popular with Deloitte staff? ”

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I was just wondering if there is an area of London popular with Deloitte staff? I'm looking at accommodation in London but not being from the city it's hard to know what area to look at. Any advice or Recommendations?
Senior Associate, Deloitte Real Estate

If you're moving down and don't know anyone, spareroom and gumtree are a good place to start looking for a house/ housemates. Also there's Deloitte new joiners facebook group, where confirmed new starters often arrange houseshares with each other.

In terms of area, the advice on the other thread is good- but remember, for a lot of service lines you will be in college/ on client site for well over 50% of your time- so don't plan your accommodation exclusively around getting to the main office easily!

Associate, Global Employment Tax, Deloitte

Ah yes, I work in tax so I don't really have to take into consideration working at a client site as I spend 95% of my time in the office!

Associate, Audit TMT, Deloitte

Hi Jordan, I was in the same boat as yourself. I sort of came down blind and tried to find somewhere. In fact I worked here for 6 weeks before I moved into my own place!
The best advice I could give is try and get to London and explore different areas and see where you like, the neighbourhoods are all quite different and some huge differences in price too!
Live near a tube line or a national rail line or both and you'll be fine for travel.
I live in SW London too but people at work live everywhere you can imagine

Senior Associate, Corporate Finance, Deloitte LLP

Agree with Henry, you may want to choose somewhere with multiple transport links - buses, tubes, trains. The recent tube strikes are a prime example of this

Senior Associate, Deloitte Real Estate

V.true Scott- we have a manager who commutes in from Bristol daily!

Cinzia V.

Omg!! Thats crazy!!:)

Associate, Audit TMT, Deloitte

Wow, that's just not for me!
I'm just under an hour door to door to the office by the time I walk to the tube, get the tube, walk to the office. The same journey takes me 40mins on the bike, worth thinking about and it's free

Associate- International Assignment Services, Deloitte

When I joined there was a Facebook group set up for all the new joiners looking for accommodation in London. I found 3 great flatmates on there and we found a great place to live in Fulham.

The office is in a really good location in terms of tube lines. city Thameslink is just across the road, Blackfriars (circle/district) is a few minutes away, as is Farringdon (ham city, circle and metropolitan) and Chancery lane is really close too (central). I found this to be a good starting point in finding a place to live as I really didn't fancy a long commute with multiple line changes.

London Audit Advisor, Deloitte UK

Hi Jordan - my commute takes 45/50minutes from door to door and this is pretty standard in terms of London commutes. I agree with Jonathan about using the Facebook group as many Graduates find flatmates and house shares this way.

Jordan T.

Thanks for all your advice, do you know if there is a Facebook Group set up for 2014
summer interns?

Student Recruitment Advisor, Deloitte UK

I can confirm there will be a facebook group for 2014 which will be launched shortly

Associate, Deloitte LLP

Definitely join the facebook group! It's great to know people in your intake before joining the firm!

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