“ Internship is for penultimate year students - What does it mean? ”

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I just would like to know when it states an internship is for students in their penultimate year does it mean you have to already be in your third year (but will be going into your final year when the internship begins) or do you have to be in 2nd year but when you start the internship you will be going into third year?

I am just starting my third year but I don't know if I can apply for the summer internships for penultimate year students which begin next year( where I will be starting 4th year).

I hope this makes sense. Thank you!
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H, the Internship is designed to be completed in the summer before you go back for you final year. So if you have just started the 3rd year of a 4 year course, you will be able to apply! I recommend that you get your application in as soon as possible.

Hope that makes it a bit clearer!


Ramis K.

For someone who is doing masters which is only two years, what will the penultimate year mean?

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