“ What sort of qualities does Deloitte look for in an employee? Thank you! ”

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Hi Martha. Analysts are expected to be confident, clear in thinking and communication, pro-active and resilient. Attitude is key - by building a reputation for yourself where people within your function want to pro-actively work with you, you will have access to a wide range of interesting projects

Martha M.

Thank you Josh.
Do you feel as though you have learnt a lot about constancy and S&O during your time at Deloitte? Did you have a lot of experience prior?

Consultant, Deloitte

Hi Martha, thanks for joining!

I would say that some of the qualities that employees at Deloitte have in common are:

-Iintegrity / honesty
- "Can do" attitude
- Curiosity and the desire to learn
- Communication and networking skills - these are essential to build your personal brand within the firm
- Resilience and the ability to learn quickly!

By joining Deloitte you will have the opportunity to deliver value to our clients, gain a better of the understanding of the industries we operate in and get exposure to a range of different projects across companies of different sizes/spanning different industries.


Hi Martha - I only had theoretical knowledge of the work and industry before joining. I have learnt so much!

Martha M.

Wonderful! I have not studied much business/finance but have some knowledge of economics, statistics and analysis. Do you think this will be a problem for me at Deloitte? Thank you again

Analyst, Deloitte

Hi Martha, that certainly won't be a problem. The training is excellent when you first join (including the CIMA certificate) and people are great at helping you learn on the job. Deloitte looks for the broader qualities outlined by the guys above, rather than technical expertise.


Hi Martha. I agree with Nick - I studied Biology with little business experience!

Martha M.

That is fantastic. Thank you all for your help!

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