“ 'Invite to first interview application on hold' - is my application still active? ”

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Hi there, I applied to the Risk Advisory scheme on the 20th of September. I passed the numerical reasoning and critical reasoning tests on October 19th, filled in the Risk Advisory questionnaire on the 29th and was told I would be shortly invited for a first round interview. My online status now says 'Invite to first interview application on hold' and my scheme has switched to 'London - Contract, Risk & Compliance - Technology Specialism'. Despite emailing to clarify whether my application is still active, I have not received a reply.

Any clarification/help that anyone can provide would be really appreciated!
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Hello. Please note that if your application has been put on hold it means that it is still active. You should have been given a contact name upon submitting your application. I would recommend reaching out to this person for details, if they haven’t been in touch with you already. Alternatively you can call the Student Recruitment hotline on 020 7303 8990 and speak with one of our colleagues confidentially for clarification. Kind regards, Aleidy

Anon user (#179227)

Hi Ms Aleidy, Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, 18 days on from initial post, 2 calls to the Student Recruitment hotline and 3 emails later, I have still not been informed about the status of my application. The Student Recruitment hotline has informed me that they cannot help as they only deal with the early stages of applications.

I have tried emailing my student recruitment contact 'Janine Blackett' on various occasions, but I have not received a reply. Whilst I understand the programme I have applied to may now be full, I really would appreciate being told this and having my situation clarified so I can reapply to another division/scheme.

Thank you for your help in the meantime.

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I've had a similar experience when trying to contact Janine... I reached this stage in October and have sent probably over 10 emails along with numerous voicemails, I've had colleagues of Janine write on my behalf to get in contact with me at least 6 times however 6 months on I've only had one email from Janine saying she left me a voicemail (I was in a meeting and came out to take the call however it stopped ringing, I called back straight away to no avail).

By far the worst experience I've had when dealing with recruitment, which is a shame as in the early stages the other members of the team were helpful and quick to respond.

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