“ What is the first year in tax like? ”

Magdalena C. asked a question in topic Life at the Company
to Holly N. Assistant Manager - Tax, Deloitte UK

Dear Holly,

I am writing to you because I read that you are working in tax for Deloitte. I am trying to find out more about Full Time Graduate programme in tax i.e. what is the first year like and how did your career progress from there?

Kind reagrds

Magdalena Herok
Assistant Manager - Tax, Deloitte UK

Hi Magdalena

Thanks for your query. A tax graduate role with Deloitte would typically be structured as a 3 year graduate programme during which time you will work towards a chartered accountancy qualification and gain the requisite training and experience in the line of tax that you wish to pursue (there are a number of areas of tax offered by Deloitte including corporate, private clients, indirect tax, transfer pricing and so on).

In my first year the work I was involved with varied considerably. In the office I would help assist other members of the team with different parts of the tax compliance process which helped to establish a good understanding of what was involved (from the take on procedures we carry out for new clients, to the interaction with clients at the initial information request stage, to the drafting, finalisation and subsequent submission of the tax returns and computations).

Out of the office, I was in college for 6 or 7 exams during my first year, which, as you can imagine resulted in a considerable amount of time out of the office (the timings of exams will vary depending on the office location you choose). I also went to a number of residential training courses, specifically focussed around the areas of tax that were relevant to the work I was doing - these varied in length but were usually 3-5 days long.

Whilst in the office there is also the opportunity to get involved with a number of the committees - the social committee, community investment committee and the green committee, as well as getting involved with a number of other office initiatives.

If you would like any more information re what is involved in the role, or any advice as to how to go about applying, then please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks, Holly

Magdalena C.

Hi Holly!

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question, and you did it in such a detail. Many thanks!

I am applying for the graduate programme in indirect tax. I would like to develop my knowledge in this area.


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