Tiffany B.
“ Hello, If coming to the UK as an international post-grad student, what are the requirements for the graduate program? ”

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on 30/05/2017
This would be after graduation?
on 06/06/2017
Digital Attraction Manager, Deloitte UK

Hi, check out our international academic requirements here www2.deloitte.com/uk/en/pages/careers/ar… 

Tiffany B.
on 08/06/2017
Tiffany B.

I was asking in reference to students who already graduated college. The post references a high school diploma. What if it had been a while since you graduated high school?

on 14/07/2017
Digital Attraction Manager, Deloitte UK

Hi Tiffany, you will still need to meet the school academic requirements. If you do, please feel free to apply and if we need further clarification around your qualification our Student recruitment team will be in touch. Thanks.

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