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“ Can you give me any advice on the Deloitte Digital Final interview & presentation? ”

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I was wondering how formal the Presentation is? Could I have notes to refer to or read from, or will I need to have learned the full 5 minutes?

Also, how in depth should I know the details of Deloitte Digital's projects for the commercial awareness element of the interview?

I'm applying for the graduate developer role in Deloitte Digital
Analyst, Deloitte

When I did my final interview I had printed two copies of the presentation. One for myself, one for the partner. However, it is totally ups to how you would like to facilitate the presentation. You should google key words like digital and Deloitte for report/ white paper and other material issued by Deloitte on digital trends and display an understanding on two or three trends. Use examples to help demonstrate your understanding. I found youtube particular helpful in explaining these concepts in a simple way.

Rebecca M.

Hi Michael, thanks for your help, it's really cleared things up!

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