“ Hi Leah, what preparation can I do for the immersive online assessment? Are the questions scenario- or numeracy-based? ”

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Just wanting to know what kind of thing I will be asked!
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Hi Courtney, I am really sorry for the delayed response. If you still need to discuss your immersive online assessment please forward me your details and I'll be happy to put you in contact with the correct person who will be able to assist. Many thanks, Evelina

Jay N.

Hi Evelina, I am 17 and just about to start my 2nd year of A levels, please can you assist me in obtaining practice online immersive test papers for the brightstart apprenticeship scheme along with the minimum pass scores so that I can start practicing before I start my application? Thanks Jay.

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Hi Jay, you can download our hints and tips and watch our helpful video to get more advice on how to approach this stage of our process.

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