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“ What is the recruitment process at Deloitte for experienced employees looking to work in the UK? ”

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Elias H.


My name is Elias Haddad, an architect studying for a MSc. in City Planning and Real Estate Development at the University of Glasgow.

Graduate Planner, Deloitte

Hi Elias, thanks for getting in touch! Do you have any questions for us? :)

Resourcing Advisor, Deloitte

Hi Tolu,

This chat is focused on student recruitment, if you are interested in experienced hire roles please review our website.

Elias H.

Hello and thank you for this opportunity.

Well, I am interested in becoming a project management surveyor to oversee the design and development of real estate projects. Accordingly, I would like to know more about available opportunities at Deloitte.

I would also like to know if Deloitte (UK) is open to sponsoring international students and if not, which other branches around the world would be up for sponsoring an architect with a UK masters degree.

Anon user (#234763)

I'm an Indian with 3 years of work experience in a professional services firm. I'm currently pursuing my Masters in Sports Management in the UK

I wish to work for Deloitte Sports Business group. How do I go about it? Do you sponsor visas?

Attraction Digital Marketing Advisor, Deloitte UK

Please visit our website to search and apply for one of our roles.

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