“ Is there any key advice you would give for the Job Simulation stage of the application process? ”

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Hey. Prepare as much as you can and then simply enjoy. Do not stress out as all preparation will go to waste.

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Hi Will. I have provided a link to our selection process:


There is a video you can watch which will help with preparation. Also you will have an opportunity to undertake practice questions before undertaking the job simulation.

Will J.

Thank you for the answers. Are there any specific key competencies you are looking out for in our video responses?

Student Recruitment Senior Assistant, Deloitte

The assessment will be related to the types of challenges and opportunities you might face once you are in role with us here. There will be a variety of questions that come in different formats including written, video and multiple choice responses.

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Hello, I was just wondering if the video response questions for the online job simulation are based on personality, or more on having a knowledge of the role you are applying for...

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Hi, it will be a mixture of both. There is a video you can watch for preparation: www2.deloitte.com/uk/en/careers/careers… 

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Hi I have to take my Job Simulation Assessment. Can you please provide some more information on this. Will it be a competency based interview and what else will be a part of this assessment.

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