“ Can you share some general advice for a new grad-consultant? ”

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Would you mind to sharing some advice for a new grad-consultant? What do you wish you had known before you started your consulting career?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Senior Consultant, Deloitte

Hi Jay - great question.

I would say:
1. Approach every opportunity with an open mind, and ready to learn
2. Never be afraid to ask questions - most questions you think are 'dumb' definitely aren't!
3. All Deloitte people are keen to help grads, use them and learn from their experiences
4. Be prepared to work hard, but you'll be able to play hard too :) there are a great range of activities / clubs / project social events to get involved in

Jun-Xiang Z.

Hi Tom, I really appreciate your advice.

Senior Consultant, Deloitte

No problem!

Jun-Xiang Z.

Nice. Thank you again.

Hi Tom, is there any material I use to better prepare myself for a consulting life, like books?

Senior Consultant, Deloitte

Any business / communication related material - mainly focusing on real life rather than theory. I would start with some biographies of some of your business heros!

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