“ What does life look like in Consulting - Technology Enterprise Apps? ”

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Personally life is great for me - it is exactly what I expected. Big clients, exciting work, a lot of challenges, great colleagues.

Do not think there is any better area ;)



Hi Neha, I am in Enterprise Applications as well. Life is varied! There is the potential for a lot of travelling and the applications that you will be working with are constantly innovating. What are you looking to do within Enterprise Applications? More technically based or broader?

Neha V.

Hi Anton and Alicia, thank you for your replies. I love that there is a great deal of variety and challenges ...everything I enjoy.

Can you tell me about specific projects you are working on and what skills you are using?

Amir A.

Dear Alicia and Anton,
Is a tech background required for a career in Enterprise Apps?

Neha V.

I don't come from a Technology background so I would be interested in the broader aspects of the work


My client is a massive fashion retailer. Fantastic project and my role involved everything - no 2 days are the same and I have been there for 11 months now - so the variety you are looking for is there!

No tech background needed. I have a business background :)


Also both not coming from a tech background is not a problem at all. If anything it enriches the different skills people can bring to the table. I have a law background!

Neha V.

Are you able to choose to work specifically in the Life Science sector?


EA is where you can use all skills you have and they will always be beneficial - do not worry.

We are all different and we all add to the team :)

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