“ What extra curricular activities can really make you stand out as an applicant? ”

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I'm trying to enrich my degree as much as possible with as many extra curricular activities on offer at university. For example I am president of my sports club, I did a year abroad in France last year so have learnt to speak a very high level of French and I have taken on a part time management job this year but I always feel the need (and always want) to do more.
Having said that, with all this I do not have a lot of spare time. Is there anything you could recommend I could do that would aid my application for a technology based role as I am conscious that what I do outside of my course doesn't focus on technology?

Thanks in advance.
Senior Consultant, Deloitte

Hi George - great question, you sound busier than us!

I would say keep doing what you're doing, and think about how your extra curricular activities are teaching you skills you can transfer to technology consulting. I.e. studying abroad gave you a chance to enhance your communication skills - in tech consulting we speak to both technical and business people and so our communication style/skills have to be flexible depending on our audience.

George S.

Thanks Tom. That is what I was thinking because I think I'd rather do my current commitments to the best of my ability rather than take on more and therefore make the quality of my work into everything as a whole suffer- so thanks for confirming that!

Senior Consultant, Deloitte

100% agree George - a diverse range of experience is the best. All the best with your application.

George S.

That is something that I was also curious about. I loved spending my year in France- speaking and studying in French every day but since Ive been back in England I haven't really had the chance to use it. Would there be opportunities for me to put my french into practice in a business environment at Deloitte?

Digital Attraction Manager, Deloitte UK

Hi George, we often work with a portfolio or clients globally and colleagues in other countries. So I would say if you opportunity presents itself I am sure you can.

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