“ What cyber attacks do you generally have in daily life? ”

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Good afternoon. What your daily life looks like? Do you have to work with clients or your main responsibility is to make sure there is no problem inside Deloitte? If there any possibility that attackers come from other countries? What the motivations of these people in or out of UK? Thank you.

Hi Wenjuan. Great question! Here in the Cyber team we do a massive variety of things. In Cyber there are seven capability groups which range from looking at cyber risk and maturity in a wide range of sectors such as large banks to football teams and FMCGs; to more technical roles that look at ‘red team’-ing and protective monitoring solutions. We do a lot of work within Deloitte as well, that’s right – as you can never be too secure, as an attack can happen from anywhere in the world if they have the right opportunities and resources. I hope that helps.

Wenjuan(Emily) W.

That's good. Thank you for your detailed answer. I am happy with this answer.



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