“ Looking for Deloitte UK contact for PathMotion platform? ”

Liane B. asked a question in topic General
to Evelina B. Human Resources, Deloitte UK

on 19/12/2017
Hi there, This is Liane Bilicki from the Detroit Office of Deloitte. I am the National Recruitment Brand Leader in the US. Love this platform and we are looking into something similar here. Can you pls supply the name of whomever worked on this tool for the UK firm? Would love to get in touch with he/she to discuss further. Thank you, Liane
on 02/01/2018
Human Resources, Deloitte UK

Hi Liane,

Thank you for your message. Can you please specify what your query is regarding so I can point you in the right direction.


on 12/01/2018
Attraction Digital Marketing Advisor, Deloitte UK

Hi Liane, l work within the Attraction team and would be happy to answer all of your questions (mvitsou@deloitte.co.uk ). Thanks

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