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I'm a postdoctoral student with a PhD looking to move in to management consulting and I am particularly interested in applying to Deloitte. I am looking at your Graduate programme, but I'm wondering whether my A Levels from the late 1990s might count against me in your recruitment process, despite my subsequent achievements? I achieved two As at A Level, but a D in history. I subsequently gained a double first at undergrad and did a PhD history from the number 1 U.S. University for that subject and have published in top level academic journals. Could you give me an idea whether I am likely to be screened out by your graduate academic entry requirements, or not?

Hi There, Your A level results equate to 300 UCAS points, as you attained a 1st class degree you are eligible to apply to various roles. Please visit mycareer.deloitte.com/uk/en/university/a…  where there is a detailed list of which roles you are eligible to apply to.

Anon N.

Brilliant, I didn't spot that page when I was researching. Many thanks for the quick reply!


Good luck with your application :)

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