Luke F.
“ Hi there, do you look for any particular skills or behaviours for people who want to apply for the Tax Graduate Scheme? ”

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Hi Luke, for applicants applying to Tax we are looking for people who are analytical, creative and driven, team players and have strong interpersonal skills. I hope this is useful :)


Hi Luke, in terms of what we look for in a candidate applying to Tax:
Focused, strategic and highly intelligent. People will trust you to know the most complicated issues and keep up to date with the latest ideas and information.
Business-minded. This isn’t just about being an expert on all the technical ins and outs of tax laws. We’re here to advise businesses (and individuals) – often at very senior levels.
Friendly. Often we work in big teams, and we value the supportive atmosphere we’ve fostered.
Sharp. You need to keep up with the latest legislation on a constant basis, and be genuinely interested in your clients’ business affairs.
Trustworthy. Clients want to know they’re dealing with someone who knows their stuff.
Adaptable. You should enjoy variety, but at the same time like having an office base and building close relationships with the team around you.

Luke F.

That's a lot of help, thanks to the both of you


You're welcome - good luck with your application :)

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