“ How would you describe the best and worst aspects of joining the Audit Graduate Scheme at Deloitte? ”

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Hi Ijlal

My team is called Deloitte Managed Solutions, and although we sit within the Audit service line, I'm not on the Audit graduate scheme, but I can tell you second-hand about the experience of some of my colleagues and people I joined with in September if that would help you?

Sarah L.

Hi Tania,

That would definitely help me!

Ijlal A.

Oh yes please

Associate, Deloitte UK

We all had the same induction and shared the first week of training.

So the first day (a Friday) there were 334 of us in induction and it was great - I met so many new people and made quite a few friends - one of who I spoke to in the waiting room before my first interview.

Then the next week there were a few 1 and 2 day courses: Local Office induction - (Objectives, expectations, getting to know your team etc), Personal Skills 1 - which I explained to Sarah C about previously when we asked about soft-skills training, and IT induction - which was surprisingly fun!

And then we separated and had DMS specific training. So far the ACA and ICAS audit graduates have spent a lot of time at college…

We're in week 6 now, and a few of my friends and colleagues are preparing for their first exam which is this week. So given that context, I think one of the best things (as you'll probably have gathered) is that you meet lots of new people in induction and training.

There is a lot to do, so if I give the example of one of my friends that I saw on Saturday; he'd studied the morning before we met up. So you do need to manage your time well - but the department know you have to study and you definitely have the time to do it. I think college also helps as a transition between uni and work - you have that structure for a while, rather than landing straight into a full time job.

Linked to that - in London, we have lots of buildings that are close together and a gym etc - so it feels a bit like uni, especially if you eat lunch in the restaurant!

I hope that helps?


Ijlal A.

Thank you so much Tania. That has given me a much clearer perspective now. And yes I have heard about the uni like feeling from my contacts!

Associate, Deloitte UK

You're very welcome.
Best of luck to you (and Sarah, and everyone) on your applications.

Anon user (#225978)

Hi Tania,

Are you able to tell me what kind of work the DMS team does? I know that the role involves streamlining operations and managing risks but I was hoping you could give me some specifics or maybe an example? Thank you!

Digital Attraction Manager, Deloitte UK

Hi, if you take a look at the following page you will be able to get a more detailed view into DMS and some examples www2.deloitte.com/uk/en/pages/careers/ar… 

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