“ Can you pursue a Data Science career starting in Cyber risk non-technical? ”

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Hey there,

I will be joining Deloitte and I have a question, I wanted to know if I can pursue a Data Science career but starting in the Cyber team? I have seen that Risk Analytics is in the same service line as Cyber, I am very interested in cyber and am open to pursuing it as a career especially at Deloitte however data analytics is something I have wanted to do, from research I have found in the Risk Analytics team you can specialise in Data Science. Do both these teams work closely together? Would there be any opportunities for me to be in Cyber and work on Data science projects and also do Analyst work? I have programming language skills (R and python) which is very useful in Data Analyst/Data science. I would love to learn skills that analysts do and also do the work that they do

Thank you for your time
Digital Attraction Manager, Deloitte UK

Hi, yes it is often that different business areas could/would work on projects together. There are also opportunities for internal mobility within service lines and even across Deloitte.

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