“ Do you have advice about the withdrawal of my submitted application? ”

Kaba W. asked a question in topic Application Advice
to Natalie F. Experienced Hire Recruiter - Regional Offices, Deloitte UK

Dear Natalie

I've received an email from Deloitte HR in which it said that my job application has been withdrawn because they couldn't reach me. They told if I considered this as an error (the fact that I was unreachable) I should contact you.

Do you have any advice?

Amadou Teliwel Kaba
Experienced Hire Recruiter - Regional Offices, Deloitte UK

Thanks for getting in touch Amadou. I will speak with the relevant team and ask that they try and make contact with you again to resolve this. I can see they have sent a few emails but it seems only this one has got through. The contact is Katarzyna Lach.

Fatima S.

Dear Natalie,

I have had a similar experience. My job application has also been withdrawn because the Experienced Hire Team was unable to contact me.

I have tried calling the attached number but there was no answer.

Could you please advise? The contact I have been given is Adam Naruszewicz.

Many Thanks
Fatima Sanyang

Experienced Hire Recruiter - Regional Offices, Deloitte UK

Hi Fatima, thanks for getting in touch. I will contact our screening team to make sure someone reaches out to you again shortly. Kind regards, Natalie.

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