“ How important are numerical skills for a role in Tax Consulting? ”

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I study History at LSE and was just wondering!
Student Recruitment Advisor, Deloitte UK

Hi Stephanie, thanks for your question! whilst we ask for our staff to have a certain analytical ability this isn't the only aspect we would focus on. We would focus very much on communication/interpersonal skills in order to advise our clients

Tax Depreciation Senior Associate, Deloitte LLP

Hi Stephanie - I work in the tax depreciation team within tax consulting and I would say that numerical skills are not that vital for my job.

Senior Manager - Indirect Taxes Group, Deloitte UK

Hi Stephanie. In Indirect Tax (VAT, customs duties, excise taxes, environmental taxes etc), whilst we work with numbers on a daily basis, we're tend to stick to GCSE level maths - usually it's a case of building simple spreadsheets, and quick sums and percentages to support a client solution. So numbers are important but common sense, understanding clients, and communications are actually as important.

One of the most successful graduates that I joined with a few years ago (now a senior manager) did a history degree. It didn't seem to affect his career at all - he was promoted more rapidly than many others!

Tax Depreciation Senior Associate, Deloitte LLP

Whilst I work on Excel regularly when I am in the office, I also spend quite a lot of my date speaking to clients and writing reports. Also quite a lot of tax consulting work involves analytical skills rather than numerical skills as such.

I'll also echo what Stephen said - one of my best friends from university joined the tax consulting with me a couple of years ago; she did an English degree at university and she is loving it in tax!

Senior Associate - Tax Consulting - Mobility, Deloitte UK

Hi Stephanie. I work in Global Employer Services and my experience is very similar to everyone else here. Whilst handling numbers is definitely part of my job, we are definitely not talking about university level maths knowledge. Most degrees develop the analytics skills though non-numerical methods such as essay writing or lab reports - all can be useful for a career here. Building on that, it can actually be a great thing to have people from different degree backgrounds so that you can create a team of people who complement each others skill sets.

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