“ Will Deloitte consider mature LLM students (30+) for summer internships or any programs in tax consultancy? ”

Dinara S. asked a question
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Student Recruitment Advisor, Deloitte UK

Hi Dinara, I hope you are well.
We only take students on for our Summer Vacation Scheme if they are in their penultimate year of university or the same year as graduation going onto doing a masters.

Dinara S.

Hello Deepti. Thank you for letting me know.
Do you have any programs in tax consultancy for students who have some experience in legal consultancy but wish to change area? For example, I worked mainly in corporate and commercial area in law and after my LLM in Banking and Finance and would like to change my expertise and get involved in finance, including tax. I was wondering if you have any programs in tax where you need someone who has some knowledge and would like to further develop their skills.

Student Recruitment Advisor, Deloitte UK

You would need to look at our experienced hire roles if you are currently working as we will have our roles available on our website which might be relevant for you.

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