“ Can anybody provide me with some tips on assessment centres? ”

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I just wanted to know if Deloitte run assessment centres as part of the application process? If so, can you give me some more information on what to expect?

I have been to a couple of assessment centres in the past and find that these are one of my weaknesses as I never know what to expect and this can sometimes catch me off guard. I want to improve so any advice you can give me from your own experiences would be very much appreciated.


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Hey Mark. Yes, Deloitte do run assessment days as part of their process. However, I think the structure may differ depending on what part of the business you apply for. My own assessment day experience was made up of of two interviews (one with a Partner from the company and one to assess my technical capabilities). Finally, I had to sit a short online test, which assessed my memory and mathematical skills.

Although the thought of an assessment centre may sound tough and scary, the important thing is to be yourself and come across confident. In any interviews, make sure you have good solid examples to back yourself up with and if unclear on any questions asked, then always ask your interviewer to repeat or explain the question. They will encourage you to bring out your best answers!

TOP TIP! - at the end of every interview, I always ask 'Have you any reservations about hiring me?'. This will allow you to gain instant feedback from your interviewer and give you the chance to elaborate on anything you perhaps didn't come across very clear on during the interview.

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Hi Mark,

Alongside my work in RS, I am also involved in graduate and scholar recruitment for Deloitte. For Corporate Finance the recruitment process is as follows - online application, numerical test, E-tray inbox and written exercises, first interview and partner interview (so no assessment day as such - more about the stages).

The advice I would give about the online assessments is to do as much practice as you can, make sure you're going to do them in a quiet place without interruption, and with a fully working laptop and internet connection!

I agree with Andrew that when I interview I always want to see the candidate do well, so see the interviewer as someone that wants you to shine. Perhaps then it will seem a little less scary!

Best of luck and let me know if you have any other questions.

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1.Use the STAR framework to help yourself structure answers and facilitate the discussion. I found it particularly useful in reasoning and explaining my logic behind the discussion.
Literally write down Situation : XYZ. Task: XYZ Aim: XYZ Result: XYZ. And all you have left to do is putting the puzzle together.

2.I also found the 'tripod technic' quite useful. Use three short points / punch-lines to support your view on a decision. For example: Why I bought a Tesla? 1. Its quiet. 2. Tax is lower. 3. Zero cost for fuel.
It structures the answer in a way that is clear and easy to absorb

3.Prepare. Have a script ready is always helpful. Prepare for the standard questions. Sometime I don't get ask the questions that I prepared for but in the process of preparing for the script I research a lot about the company and it gives me something to talk about.

P.S. An easier trick is to have a glass of water ready. If you need some extra time to think about what to say, the glass of water will smoothen the time lag and

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I have an assessment center for consulting next week. Any tips would be great.

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