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Evelina B.

Human Resources

Always be over prepared!

Andrew M.

Deloitte: Senior Associate

Michelle C.

Senior Assistant

Meeting new people and seeing people with great potential grow!

Neil C.

Student Recruitment Advisor

Helping candidates become colleagues after their internships

Hannah P.

Tax Analyst

I am a first year analyst in Corporate Tax

Barty L.

Analyst - Tech Consulting

Managed unix systems, studied economics, work in IT architecture

Leah K.

Student Recruitment Advisor

I started in the student recruitment team and haven't looked back!

Tim W.

Sourcing Specialist

Recruiting the best talent for Deloitte's Corporate Finance practice

Deloitte UK

We pride ourselves on being a great place to work. Yet – as is our way – we’re always striving to be even better. We’re working hard to develop and refine the experience of working here. At the centre of that lies what we believe is a distinctive culture and way of working.

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