Nicole M.
Programme Design Advisor - National

About Nicole

Key Experiences

Studied Business Law& HR Management - now Senior Recruitment Assistant
Moving to Deloitte - I took a fixed term contract at Deloitte to build and further my career and gain valuable experience in a Human resources team with a high profile organisation.

Current Position

Manage the student application process for SN&I
I manage the application process for candidates applying to either our Graduate scheme, Summer vacation scheme, Brightstart programme or industrial placement scheme.
This includes: processing applications, arranging interviews, preparing candidates for interview, providing feedback, processing appropriate paperwork, supporting my advisor in planning and organising events at schools and universities, creating marketing information including flyers and posters, attending events on campus and responding to any general queries regarding student recruitment for the Scotland and Northern Ireland region.

Main Motivations

Although aspects of my role stay the same day to day, a big part is involvement with events - especially now we are in busy season again. I am visiting various different schools and universities to attend and sometimes run events, this is a part of my role which I really enjoy as I am travelling a little and getting out to meet prospective candidates and schools/university contacts.

Top Advice

Do what you enjoy...
I wasn't 100% sure on which path I wanted to steer my career, I found a role that I enjoyed and worked hard at it and it opened me up to lots of other opportunities I had never known were out there.

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