Hammad R.
Senior Associate

About Hammad

Key Experiences

Studied Aerospace Engineering and ended up in Analytics.

Current Position

I perform analytics within financial advisory.
I am part of the analytics team within Financial Advisory. Our work revolves around general analytics and big data. The main focus of our team is Forensics, financial crime and sanctions amongst other things.

Main Motivations

The jet-setting!
Besides the interesting nature of the work, our projects give us the opportunity for ample international travel. I have been working in Copenhagen from Monday to Thursday every week for the past 8 months. Additionally we have a generous alternative weekend policy, which means you can travel around Europe on the weekends.

Top Advice

Keep investing in your learning.
The only way sure short way to succeeding in your career and attaining career satisfaction is to invest in your personal development. Keep on learning new skills.

Greatest Achievement

Completed a project from start to end within a week.
Delivered results on a project within a week which was initially projected to run for 3 months.

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