Michael C.
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About Michael

Key Experiences

3 months into Deloitte. Couldn't have asked for better experience.
I m an industrial placement student sitting in Strategy and Operations Consulting. As part of my degree I will spend 12 months at Deloitte working.

Current Position

Working with a leading Global Bank to mitigate risk.
I m currently working on a project to help a leading Global Bank to separate their front and middle-back office in order to help the bank to absorb the "shock wave" in event of financial turmoil.

Main Motivations

There is no such thing as a typical day with Deloitte Consulting.
The work that we do tends to iterate everyday. It allows us to visualise the impact that you are making on daily basis which is super rewarding. You also get the freedom to manage your own time according to your priorities and what you think is the most important to your career.

Top Advice

Do your homework and use the STAR framework
There is so much information about Deloitte available online. On Deloitte's website and external websites. So.....no excuse for not doing your homework. Use the STAR framework to help yourself structure your answers! Hope it helps!

Greatest Achievement

The project simulation training is great fun!
Upon joining the firm, the industrial placement students embarked their journey in preparation for the project simulation. It was an intense 4 weeks that we worked incredibly hard, yet, innovatively. Being able to lead my team was a great opportunity to develop myself into a diplomatic individual which is a great quality to have as a consultant

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