Neil C.
Student Recruitment Advisor

About Neil

Key Experiences

Student Recruitment Advisor
Having decided to take a gap year initially prior to going to university I took a job in human resources with a bank, having enjoyed the work so much I made the decision to remain in the role rather than go on to study further. After a short period of time I quickly realised that the recruitment element of HR was of particular interest to me and I chose to specialise in this within entry level positions. Now 9 years later I still enjoy the work as much as I did back then.

Current Position

Student Recruitment Advisor
My current role involves several different hats but typically it comes down to working with the business to ensure we are attracting and selecting the best talent in the student market place.

This can involve hosting extensive events, managing the assessment and selection of candidates and welcoming them to the business.

Main Motivations

I really enjoy the variation of the work
I really enjoy the variation of the work and consider myself very fortunate to work within a challenging fast paced environment.

Top Advice

Enthusiasm and energy goes a long way within an interview situation
It may sound obvious but I feel that enthusiasm and energy goes a long way within an interview situation.

Greatest Achievement

Helping candidates become colleagues after their internships
I am most proud when the a new intake joins the business in the summer and then have the opportunity to work with them as colleagues rather than candidates.

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