Tim W.
Sourcing Specialist

About Tim

Key Experiences

Recruiting the best talent for Deloitte's Corporate Finance practice
I started off recruiting technical positions for clients in the defence industry before a short stint recruiting apprentices into law firms in Brighton. I then spent a couple of years recruiting for some of the biggest banks and financial services businesses in London before moving in-house at Deloitte.

At Deloitte I focus mainly on recruitment for roles within corporate finance, particularly for Deloitte Real Estate, but I have also supported recruitment into all our other service lines.

Current Position

Sourcing and engaging candidates for roles in Corporate Finance
My role is dedicated to finding the best talent for Deloitte. I utilise various sourcing strategies to make sure I am speaking to the best people whether they are actively looking for a new role or not.

Main Motivations

No two days are the same working in Recruitment. Because Deloitte offers such a huge variety of services and therefore potential career opportunities, we are always being challenged to find candidates for new roles or for new areas of the business. This means I am always building my knowledge of the firm and the marketplace.

The variety on offer also means we are constantly being challenged to find new and more creative ways of attracting talent to the firm. The competition to find the best people on the market is fierce and we have to make sure we are one step ahead by utilising all the tools we have at our disposal to make our candidate attraction as effective as possible. This could be through social media, running awareness days or simply keeping in contact with our network on a regular basis.

Top Advice

Do your homework
One of the most common pieces of negative feedback we receive from hiring managers following interviews is that candidates haven't done enough research into the role, team and business that they are joining.

Whilst it useful to know some of the generic facts about Deloitte it always stands out more if you have some more interesting and unique knowledge about the firm. This could be from press articles or even better, directly from an employee at Deloitte. So make use of your network and gain some inside information about the firm to stand the best chance of being hired.

Greatest Achievement

Over 75% CV to interview conversion
I have been able to secure interviews for over 75% of the candidates I have presented to the business, this is achieved by making sure I have a strong understanding of the business area I am recruiting for and making sure that I am only speaking to the best people on the market.

Deloitte UK

Deloitte is the world leader in consulting and auditing. With over 15,000 employees in the UK, it assists both big names in the industry and provides services to SMEs or small dynamic start-ups.

Deloitte intervenes on various issues, ranging from the reliability of financial information to the support of its customers on their strategic development. The objective: to ensure the smooth running and the durability of its customers, whatever their size and the sector in which they operate. Each area requires high expertise, strong multi-disciplinarity and the excellent ability to assemble a range of skills.

With a network of member firms in more than 150 countries, Deloitte combines world-class expertise with a high-quality service to help clients meet their most complex issues.

Our 264,000 professionals are driven by the same goal: to make Deloitte the benchmark for excellent service.

Expertise: Audit, Advisory and Risk Advisory, Financial Advisory, Chartered Accountant, Legal and Tax Advice.

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