2017 Full Time Graduate – Actuarial (Capital Markets Group)

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The CMG team is part of the Analytics and Quantitative Modelling (AQM) team, and is based in London. As part of the CMG team, you will be involved in the more technical aspects of actuarial and banking work including risk modelling work and stochastic economic scenario modelling. Work in CMG requires high levels of quantitative skills to solve challenging problems on behalf of our clients.

What you'll be doing

There is a focus on research and development, with the team being responsible for the development of Deloitte’s stochastic economic scenario modelling suite,XSG.

As an analyst, you may be involved in the following tasks:

  • Researching potential enhancements to modelling approaches and writing research papers on these;
  • Developing tools to assist clients in using XSG;
  • Delivering training sessions to clients on XSG tools and methodologies;
  • Helping clients enhance and optimise their internal modelling processes.

There is also a level of crossover with the Actuarial Insurance and Banking teams, which provides the opportunity for a breadth of experience including:

  • Designing, implementing and testing risk & valuation models for major companies to help these companies comply with the latest financial regulations;
  • Analysing client data and presenting your findings to the client by means of visualisation tools.


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