2017 Full Time Graduate - Analytics and Quantitative Modelling

Deloitte UK - London, UK - Graduate opportunity

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You will be part of the Analytics team, developing and refining innovative solutions to help clients get the most out of their data. You with have the opportunity to work with other teams in the Consulting practice, across the Public, Private and Financial Services sectors.

What you'll be doing

The following are some examples of the day-to-day work you will be involved in:

  • Estimation of customer propensities to help in better targeting and risk assessment;
  • Clustering / neural networks to help build customer and market segments to aid product development;
  • Time series forecasting for trend forecasting;
  • Regression analysis to analyse relationships;
  • PCA / factor analysis for vector quantisation;
  • Pricing and distribution optimisation;
  • Geospatial modelling for distribution and marketing;
  • Build of interactive dashboards for management information.


Competitive plus benefits

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